Grammar for Results and Discussion Part of a Paper

2 min readNov 28, 2020


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The results part describes experiments that were finished before the paper was composed. In this manner, the straightforward past tense is the regular decision while describing the results got.

For instance: Overall, there was a huge decrease in the blood pressure of over 60% of the patients.

Nonetheless, you should use the present tense to allude to tables, figures, and charts that you are using to introduce your results.

In the discussion part,, the past tense is commonly used to sum up the discoveries. However, when you are deciphering the results or depicting the criticalness of the findings, the present tense should be used. Regularly, a mix of both the past and the present tense is used in sentences inside the discussion segment.

For instance: 63% of the children exhibited a raised degree of at any rate one danger factor, showing that kids with heftiness are at an expanded danger of cardiovascular illnesses.

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Note that the initial segment of the sentence refers to the outcomes; subsequently the past tense has been used for this part. Then again, the present tense has been used for the second part as this part clarifies what the results implies.

You may likewise need to use the future tense in the discussion part on the off chance that you are making proposals for additional research or giving future directions.




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