How to Improve the Quality of Writing

2 min readJun 19, 2021
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Editing and proofreading are two distinct phases of document preparation, but both are very important to improve the quality of article writing.

Some online editing services offer proofreading as a separate service while some offer it as a feature of an editing service. Some practice just in proofreading services. At the end of the day, an editing service can incorporate proofreading however a proofreading service does exclude editing. Nonetheless, both editing and proofreading are needed to improve the quality of writing.


· Performed on the final draft of the article

· Addresses surface-level issues

· Eliminates misspellings, grammatical and punctuation errors, inconsistencies, formatting errors, etc.

· Does not include word count reduction

· Makes already good writing error-free

· Does not require much collaboration with the author

· Shorter turnaround time


· Performed on the first draft of the document and continues till the draft is finalized

· Addresses the core features of writing

· Definition varies according to the scope of editing. PROOFREADINGS, for example, offers three different editing services.

· Enhances the language by making changes for clarity, readability, and smooth narration.

· Includes word reduction, if required

· Overall quality of writing is improved

· Collaborative as it requires the editor to work with the author

· Slightly longer turnaround time, as the amount of work required is more




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